2017 SWUG Open networking dinner

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The networking dinner held on Wednesday night, 23rd August will be MC’d by New Zealand’s pre-eminent comedy team 7DAYS stars Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood and Paul Ego.

“You’ve welcomed us into your homes New Zealand (printers), your rollers have begged for the laughter to stop and now we’re gonna offset your entire SWUGging word”.

We have opened up this night to non-conference attendees for only $95! So spread the word as tickets will be limited!

To book online click this link.

2017 SWUG Pre-conference tabloid

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This year’s SWUG Conference is shaping up to be a great one! The pre-conference tabloid will be coming out in the next week or so. In the meantime we wanted to let you know what we have got lined up so attached is an electronic version of the tabloid.

Make sure you jump online and get registered for the conference if you haven’t already done so by visiting our registration link.

Looking forward to seeing you at SWUG 2017, below is the pre-conference tabled, for best view please use full screen mode.

2017 SWUG Conference programme released

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There is less than a month to go until SWUG 2017!

If you haven’t yet registered please do so by visiting this link to register.

The conference will be taking place on Tuesday 22nd August and Wednesday 23rd August at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland, it’s going to be another great event so book your place now!

Remember we have a great night organised on the 23rd August which will be MC’d by Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood and Paul Ego! They will bring a sharp, improvised comedic touch to the evening to wrap up a fantastic conference. You can purchase additional tickets for anyone who is not attending the conference by clicking the link above.

Below is the 2017 conference programme, click to read:-

2017 SWUG Adding value to print for the customer

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The 2017 SWUG Conference focus will be “Adding additional value to print for the customer” – Print the medium that is both “Tangible & Trusted”. Our objective is to focus on print for the customer and the creation of products that stand out from the crowd.

Whilst print continually faces attack from other media there are still some very real benefits for customers utilising print as a promotional tool. When you are able to make your product have a point of difference – one that stands out on the shelves, have that wow factor and are shown examples of how this can make a big difference to the bottom line serious consideration must be given.

In the newsprint and direct mail sector there are many examples of products that achieve this.

The opening of the SWUG conference will an opportunity to look at these facts and we encourage companies to have not just production people but also your sales team attend. We are bringing in a speaker, Kellie Northwood, who will highlight how to promote the benefits of print to customers.

Kellie Northwood is an advocate for the effectiveness and sustainability of established media as a relevant communication channel to market, walking hand in hand with new channels. Kellie’s experience is varied with a strong background in marketing, communications, brand and sustainability. She is the Director of creative and communications agency, Sierra Delta, as well as holding senior positions for both the Australasian Catalogue Association and TSA Limited.

Marketing communications have never been more challenging for not only marketing departments but also company executives who are analysing marketing spend across a range of media channels. What role will traditional and non-traditional media spend play in communicating to customers, engaging customers and converting sales. Print is one our longest serving media channels, however as a traditional media is facing an identity crisis in a digital frenzied media environment. With insights based on verifiable facts and research as well as on her own experience, Kellie Northwood presents the many dimensions of the effectiveness of print in terms of Efficacy, Brand Equity, Path to Purchase and Return On Investment, how it all works in a multi-channel communication world and the critical holy grail of data to drive results and link each channel together.

Prior to Kellie’s presentation, Bernard Hickey, Economist will speak and paint a picture of how New Zealand is faring on the World Stage. Bernard is well known to most New Zealanders as a leading financial journalist and editor with over 23 years’ experience including roles with Reuters, the Financial Times Group and Fairfax Media in Wellington, Canberra, Sydney, London and Singapore.

A break for lunch will be followed by an Industry question and answer session – all delegates will be encouraged to put forward questions raised from the morning presentations and have an opportunity for both speakers and industry experts to answer.

This is a great opportunity and we encourage you to make sure you have representation from sales and production staff. To make this session totally accessible for everyone to attend there will be a small fee of $45 per person to help with costs and SWUG will cover the rest.

This session will take place on Tuesday 22nd August from 10am – 2pm at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, Auckland.

There are limited places so to register go to this link.

Or for any questions please contact lauren@nullpromoteltd.co.nz

2017 SWUG Conference Dates

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The 2017 SWUG conference will be taking place on Tuesday 22nd August and Wednesday 23rd August at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland.

Registration is now open for SWUG 2017 in Auckland, click HERE to register.

The Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is one of New Zealand’s largest and most comprehensive Auckland conference centres and hotel accommodation venue. Primarily dedicated to staging conferences, meetings, exhibitions, product launches, seminars and special events.

The venue is just 15 minutes from both Auckland City and Auckland’s International Airport. Waipuna is set amongst 6.26 acres of parkland overlooking a picturesque saltwater lagoon.

The hotel accommodation and superb guest facilities, include 450 free off-street car parks, restaurant and bar options, and a swimming pool, spa and gymnasium for your use.

Wellington’s Restaurant and Bar

Waipuna Hotel Accomodation

Waipuna Facilities

To book Accommodation contact the hotel directly by phone (09) 526-3003 or email res@nullwaipunahotel.co.nz and just quote the booking reference number PROM0817 to get the rates and take a room from the block available.

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