SWUG Sponsors

The activities of SWUG would not be possible without the contribution and support of its sponsors and patrons.

The SWUG committee thanks all sponsors and patrons for their generous support in helping to make SWUG’s activities affordable and accessible to the wider New Zealand print community.

SWUG Gold Sponsors

Norske Skog Tasman

During its 45 years of operation, Norske Skog has positioned itself as one of the world’s largest suppliers of newsprint and an important source of paper for the magazine and directory sectors.Developments in the media industry place constant new demands on publishers of newspapers and magazines worldwide. Norske Skog meets these challenges with modern, technically advanced production in Europe, Australasia and the growth regions of Asia and South America, visit Norske Skog online

Hostman / Hubergroup

Renowned for high quality, product consistency and technical service, Hostmann-Steinberg AUS and NZ are members of the hubergroup, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printing inks and related products, The hubergroup is an international holding group of autonomous companies that is focused on the manufacture and sale of printing inks, printing varnishes, damping solution additives, printing auxiliaries, filler material for telecommunication cables and toner for laser printers and copiers, as well as on special engineering work for machinery manufacture, visit Hubergroup online

Kodak (Australasia) PTY Ltd

By the time Eastman launched his dry plate business in 1880, European interest in photography was keen, but its practice was mostly limited to professionals.Eastman recognized the potential of the world market for amateur photographers. Only five years after the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company was established in the U.S., a sales office was opened in London. Within the next few years, particularly after the introduction of the KODAK camera and Eastman’s simplified methods, picture-taking became popular with hundreds of thousands of amateurs.In 1889, the Eastman Photographic Materials Company, Limited, was incorporated in London, England, to handle distribution of Kodak products in countries outside the U.S. At first, all goods were manufactured in Rochester. Before long, the combined international and domestic demand outpaced plant resources.Construction of a factory at Harrow, England — just outside London — was completed in 1891. By 1900, distribution outlets had been established in France, Germany, Italy, and other European countries. A Japanese outlet was under consideration, and construction of a factory in Canada was underway with the organization of Canadian Kodak Company, Limited.Today, Kodak has manufacturing operations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, and Kodak products are available in virtually every country across the globe, visit Kodak (Australasia) PTY Ltd online

QI Press Controls

Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) develops and supplies high quality and innovative optical measurement and control systems for the web offset printing presses. Its systems are being sold globally by a dealer network and subsidiary companies. QIPC wants to be a partner to her customers in offering specific solutions optimizing their production line with the main goal of decreasing the use of materials and increasing quality and efficiency.Q.I. Press Controls (QIPC) enables its customers to produce higher quality prints in a shorter time and more cost efficient, by; Offering its customers high quality, innovative, closed loop systems, that automate the manual print process, improve the print process, save on raw material, gain valuable uptime, bring down the costs, obtain the fastest return on investment possible, and give insight into the quality of the production and the planning, and by; delivering high quality, reliable and adequate lifetime support and service: always, everywhere and at the right time., visit QI Press Controls online

DIC New Zealand

DIC is committed to being a world’s best supplier of inks, coatings, systems and services – adding maximum value to their customers – operations in the areas of visual impact and decoration through colour and technology, visit DIC online

Bottcher Australia

The Manufacturers and users of modern printing presses rightly expect their materials suppliers to provide comprehensive system solutions. In today’s streamlined, ideally uninterrupted printing process, rollers, blankets and cleaning solvents form a functional unit. Bottcher – the industry benchmark in rubber covered rollers – offer their partners a fully competitive working system tuned to the specific needs of the application.Bottcher is a global company with more than 275 years of experience in the development and manufacture of “world-class” materials for the printing industry. When you choose original Bottcher products, know that you have a vast network of resources available to you, visit Bottcher online

FujiFilm NZ Limited

FUJIFILM New Zealand is at the market forefront for digital imaging cameras and processing equipment. Its full range of cameras and accessories is distributed through photo and camera retailers, mass merchants and duty free stores.FUJIFILM New Zealand is one of 223 worldwide subsidiaries owned by FUJIFILM Corporation (formerly known as the Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd) which is the world’s largest photographic and imaging company, and one of the best known and most instantly recognizable global brands, visit FujiFilm online

DS Chemport

DS Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Fuji Hunt Asian Pacific Holding Pty Ltd, is a manufacturing company providing goods and services to the printing and graphic arts industry. Our ultimate parent company is FujiFilm Holdings Corporation, Japan, and we maintain strategic partnerships with many significant companies around the world.Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 1987, changing its name to DS Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd (DSC) when we moved to our current location in Campbellfield in 1994. Shortly after beginning operations, Chemport became associated with the German company, DS Druckerei Service GmbH, forming a mutually beneficial technical exchange and going on to form a joint venture in Malaysia in 1989. Following many years of success the company was sold to Fujifilm in 2003. The company focus was and remains the manufacture and supply of premium quality goods and services to the printing and graphic arts industry, visit DS Chemport online

SWUG Silver Sponsors

Flint Group NZ Limited

Flint Group is dedicated to bringing colour and function to the printing and packaging products that consumers touch, see and use each day. Flint Inks offer an unmatched product portfolio spanning inks, blankets, pressroom chemistry, flexographic plates and sleeves, consumables and colourants. With impressive global resources, local service and personalized expertise, we provide printers, publishers, packaging printers and converters with the most reliable products in the most streamlined fashion.Customers rely on Flint Group for our ability to deliver exceptional value, unparalleled service, consistent quality and continuous innovation around the world., visit Flint Inks online

SWUG Bronze Sponsors

Agfa Graphics

Agfa Graphics is a world leader in prepress solutions for the printing and publishing industries. Agfa Graphics provides commercial, newspaper and packaging printers with the most extensive range of workflow automation, project management, computer-to-film, computer-to-plate and proofing solutions.As the world’s largest plate supplier, Agfa Graphics produces analog plates as well as thermal, visible light, and chemistry-free digital plates to offer advanced solutions for different printing applications, visit Agfa online


wrh-global is a worldwide leader in the area of conveying and processing systems for the manufacture of newspapers, magazines and illustrated print work. It is recognised throughout the printing industry as a specialist in post press processing., visit ‘wrh-global’ online

Manroland Australasia PTY Ltd

manroland AG is one of the leading printing systems manufacturer and the world’s market leader in web offset.Webfed and sheetfed offset presses from Augsburg and Offenbach provide tailor-made solutions for publishing, commercial, and packaging printing.A worldwide network of around 100 sales and service centers markets manroland’s own products and inkjet-based digital printing systems from Oc? as well as ancillary printing equipment and pressroom products.In addition, with manroland Industrial Services, the company offers contract staffing with highly qualified technical personnel for a wide variety of assignments, as well as engineering services and projects. manroland Mechatronic Systems in Plauen offers third-party customers the opportunity to expand their production capacity through having manroland take over and complete projects, and benefit from the company’s internationally recognized expertise in manufacturing plant and equipment that works in tolerances measured in micrometers.manroland designs, plans, builds, equips, and commissions sheetfed and web offset printing plants from prepress through printing right up to finishing. The PRINTVALUE services portfolio offers added value with its four brands: manroland is a provider of customized 24/7 service and maintenance packages plus integrated services and training measures (printservices). The portfolio includes a certified range of pressroom products (printcom) as well as software products and workflow management systems (printnet). The company provides consultancy services covering all aspects of investment and building planning, organization, management, systems engineering and process optimization (printadvice), visit ‘manroland’ online

Webco Limited

Webco Limited services the newspaper industry through out the pacific region. Be it press consumables, single units or a complete press line, Webco Limited delivers quality at a fair price. Newspapers have come to rely on us to keep their presses rolling day and night, producing products to highest quality possible. visit ‘Webco Limited’ online

Global Press Technologies

Global Press Technologies partners with printers in providing world leading press chemicals and equipment solutions that enable our customers to be well positioned for an ever changing industry. From UV Systems that generate extra revenue to Automatic Blanket wash systems that help reduce press downtime and increase press efficiency. We also provide press chemical products sourced from around the World that are proven to help your press run trouble free.Our business offers our customers various solutions based on their specific needs. We don’t use the one hat fits all philosophy, we work with our customers to find their specific requirements then provide them with solutions based on their needs, followed up with a wealth of Technical support and service.Our Global partners are World leading print industry technology manufacturers and suppliers that are highly regarded within the markets they service., visit Global Press Technologies online

Leach Print & Bindery Supplies

S.C. Leach Ltd was established in 1918 and in the last 50-60 years have built a solid reputation for providing a comprehensive range of quality consumables at consistently low prices with good honest and reliable technical advice to the Printing, Print Finishing, Diemaking and Bookbinding industry.S.C. Leach Ltd, now owned and operated by Brian & Susan Kidston have now joined forces with Australian based Birk & Blyme Pty Ltd. Birk & Blyme source high quality parts from their specialist supplier network. They have over 20 years experience in delivering these quality parts to customers both in New Zealand and Australia.The new partnership is great news for our customers in New Zealand, by combining our significant buying potential we are able to access Birk & Blymes extensive supplier network and pass those savings onto our valued customers.In 2000, we established a company in Australia called Interscrews International and the prime object was to supply the specialized Brass & Nickel Chicago Interscrews, which we manufacture in NZ, to customers throughout Australia. Birk & Blyme will distibute the Interscrew range from thier offices in Sydney giving us access to their International dealer network in South East Asia, visit Leach Print & Bindery Supplies online

Servicom New Zealand LTD

Servicom New Zealand is the first specialist printing blanket converter to provide complete solutions to the blanket and consumable needs of printers throughout New Zealand.Servicom New Zealand is a subsidiary of Servicom Pacific, the largest specialist blanket converter in Australia. Servicom Pacific was established by two New Zealander’s in 1991 and through its focus on client service and technical excellence, has become the first choice of quality printers in the Asia Pacific region.The Servicom Group works with a number of the world’s leading printing blanket manufacturers to ensure the best products for the local conditions are available to printers, visit Servicom New Zealand LTD online


established in 1975 as Paper Reclaim, we re-branded as Reclaim in 2012 to reflect our broad range of services and our important position in the Auckland market. We have enjoyed steady growth, becoming recognized as the market leader in the commercial collection and processing of recyclable cardboard, waste paper, glass bottles, plastic film and containers, aluminium and steel cans.Reclaim is now the largest privately owned supplier of recyclable resources in New Zealand employing over 100 people. We reclaim valuable resources from recyclable waste using a 5 Point Reclaim Loop. We separate recyclable products at source, then sort and distribute them properly to provide reprocessing manufacturers with refined quality recyclable materials.The company has a fleet of more than 30 trucks and associated vehicles which enables the provision of regular collection services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or an ?on-demand collection basis. On average, our collection trucks make 24,000 site visits per month. Reclaim operates two processing plants in Auckland. The head office is located in Penrose. Upon arrival at the processing plants, the various grades of materials are sorted to remove contaminants and then compacted into high-density bales. Reclaim handles in excess of 300 tonnes of recyclables per day. This material is recycled either locally or internationally back into new products, visit Reclaim online

Goss International

Goss International delivers unique opportunities for printers and publishers to advance the print medium to new levels of impact and value.Entrepreneurs Fred and Sam Goss aligned innovation with customer requirements to establish the Goss Printing Press Company in 1885. That philosophy defines Goss International today. Worldwide development and support resources are anchored by world-class manufacturing sites throughout the United States, Europe and Asia , enabling Goss web offset presses and print finishing systems to set the standards for innovation, productivity and value.Goss International’s industry leadership position is built on intensive collaboration with customers and a proven ability to innovate and execute, making web offset a more effective way to communicate. In-depth process knowledge and expansive R&D efforts continue to deliver differentiating breakthroughs like gapless Sunday press, Autoplate?, Flexible Printing System, Automatic Transfer, DigiRail and Ecocool technologies as well as advanced workflow and finishing systems, visit Goss International online

Futon Paper and Pulp Inc

Over the last two decades, the world witnessed the thriving of China paper industry. Today, it has been raised to a pretty high level in both quality and cost-efficiency aspects through utilizing most advanced manufacturing equipment, cutting-the-edge technologies and streamlined workmanship. We are very proud of the active role we have been playing in the evolution by helping our clients worldwide to benefit from the booming of this industry.Incorporated in 1998 in Shanghai, FUTON is a very professional international trading company wholly-owned and operated by local Chinese. Our strength lies in our second-to-none knowledge of China paper industry, strong partnership with key paper mills and the dedicated operation team with global vision.We focus on long-term business relationships and welcome clients who do as well. Futon Paper & Pulp Inc online

Muller Martini

Muller Martini is an international operation and a market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a wide range of print finishing systems and of infinitely variable web offset printing solutions. Our main objective is to develop innovative products and services in line with market requirements to meet our customers highest standards.Whilst pressure on costs and time in the graphic arts industry is growing steadily, there is simultaneously a demand for the quality of the end products to improve more and more. This all requires perfection and rational, fully automated systems which can be digitally networked. This is Muller Martini’s strength. Our flexible, cost-effective and fully integrated solutions allow our customers to remain on top of the challenges of today and tomorrow.Muller Martini have a comprehensive product range: from variable-format web offset presses through press delivery systems, saddle stitchers, perfect binders, hardcover systems, newspaper mailroom systems to digital On-Demand book production. Our systems are developed and manufactured in ultramodern production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, China and the USA, visit Muller Martini online

BJ Papers

BJ Papers humble beginnings started in 1918 in Sydney, Australia, followed by a move to Auckland, New Zealand in 1921. There followed ninety years of trans-Tasman expansion and the introduction of a number of innovative products and services, setting BJ Ball as a market leader in Australasia.In the mid-2000s the BJ Ball Group began a series of targeted acquisitions to increase distribution, particularly in the Australian market. This has since included the addition of Kirby International, Focus Paper and the CPI Group (Raleigh Paper, Boomerang Paper, ED Office Products and CPI Inks).visit BJ Ball online